DUI Lawyers / OWI Lawyers

If you have been charged with drunk driving in Southeastern Wisconsin, then you need a team of lawyers that will mount a vigorous DUI defense (driving under the influence) or OWI defense (operating while intoxicated). The team at Rizzo & Diersen represents Wisconsin residents and out-of-state drivers charged with DUI or OWI in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, the prohibited BAC (Blood / Breath Alcohol Concentration) level for OWI is 0.08 percent BAC.

A guilty verdict related to drunk driving in Wisconsin has serious consequences. A first offense DUI conviction results in an automatic six to nine-month driver’s license revocation. Also, Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs) will be required for first-time and repeat offenders at or above a 0.15 blood alcohol level. Trust the DUI Attorneys at Rizzo & Diersen to protect your rights. To schedule a free consultation with experienced Wisconsin DUI defense lawyers, contact Rizzo & Diersen today.

Felony DUI Charges / Felony OWI Charges

Since July 1, 2010, anyone charged with a fourth OWI in a five-year period may be charged with felony OWI. Any OWI offense that has resulted in a significant injury or death will also be charged as a felony.

If you are facing felony OWI or felony DUI charges, your freedom is at stake. A felony drunk driving conviction could lead to a significant period of incarceration, probation, court-ordered alcohol treatment, driver’s license revocation, and other adverse DUI penalties. Protect your rights by retaining an experienced DUI and OWI defense attorney. Rizzo & Diersen will carefully identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to build a strong defense on your behalf. Whether your case is best resolved by plea agreement or by trial, Rizzo & Diersen has the experience necessary to effectively defend your rights. Please call or email us with any questions.

DUI or OWI Causing Injury or Death

A DUI or OWI causing injury or death is a felony charge that could result in a significant period of imprisonment. If you are facing felony drunk driving charges in Wisconsin, do not put your freedom in jeopardy. Count on Rizzo & Diersen. We are experienced criminal defense attorneys who know the courtroom, how prosecutors think and the local courts. Call us to protect your freedom.

If you have been arrested for a DUI/OWI causing death, sometimes called vehicular homicide, put our experience to work for you. If retained to handle your case, we will aggressively challenge the prosecution’s theory of the case. To speak with a Wisconsin DUI and OWI defense lawyer, call Rizzo & Diersen today or contact us by e-mail.

The attorneys at Rizzo & Diersen handle all aspects of DUI and OWI related matters, including:

  • Drunk driving, DUI and OWI charges
  • Felony DUI and OWI charges
  • OWI causing injury or death
  • DUI drugs
  • PAC violations
  • Refusal to test

If you have been charged with violating any of Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws, contact the attorneys at Rizzo and Diersen. DUI penalties and DUI consequences can be severe. Depending on your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) you may be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID). Protect your rights. Put our team of experienced DUI lawyers to work for you.