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A traumatic personal injury can disrupt your life completely – the uncertainty of change, along with the fear of what the future will hold for you and your family. The questions, the stress and the bills only multiply with time. Only time will bring the answers. But for most of us, time is a luxury we don’t have or can’t afford.

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But there’s one question you can answer yourself: Do I really need a lawyer? Yes, because unless you know the rules of the game, it’s hard to play and win against a team that has the home field advantage and plays by a different set of rules! So, which attorney do you hire with so many out there? Eliminate any uncertainty by knowing that Rizzo & Diersen, S.C. has that hometown advantage.

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Reasonable Fees

Most personal injury lawyers charge no attorney fee unless they obtain a settlement of a favorable judgement from the court. In fact, the fee comes out of the settlement. For most of our cases (auto accidents, personal injury, wrongful death and more), our attorney fee is only one-third of the total amount we recover. In addition, we will advance all necessary costs on our cases (including, but not limited to, court costs, medical record charges, depositions, filing fees, etc.).


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Broad Experience

We handle a wide variety of personal injury claims, ranging from car accidents to workers’ compensation to wrongful death and many more.


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