Traffic Violations

Wisconsin Traffic Violations Lawyers

If you have been stopped for drunk driving, speeding, reckless driving or any other traffic violation in southeastern Wisconsin, or were in a car accident and need legal assistance, contact the traffic attorneys at Rizzo & Diersen. We are here to help with experienced legal representation on behalf of clients accused of a traffic violation and facing traffic fines. We also handle Dimunition of value claims for vehicles that have substantially decreased in value following an accident. Contact us today.

A Successful Defense to Traffic Tickets and Traffic Charges

Some driving offenses such as speeding tickets and parking tickets may be minor. Many, however, are serious. Driving while revoked or suspended could lead to losing driving privileges for years, and even jail time. This could affect your work and family life. DUI / DWI arrests are of course, very serious, and prosecutors are treating the crime more harshly all the time. At the same time, legislatures are lowering the legal drinking and driving limits, and passing stiffer sentencing laws. If you refuse to be tested for blood alcohol concentration, you could also have your license revoked. Hit and run accidents can result in a lost license and jail time. Vehicular manslaughter could lead to a long prison term.

All of these charges are a severe threat to your freedom—both your freedom to drive and your personal freedom from jail. At Rizzo & Diersen, we know how to mount a successful defense to driving offenses. We can work out plea arrangements that can limit restrictions on your driving privileges. We can mount legal challenges to the traffic stop that resulted in your charge. We can present evidence on your behalf. If you have been charged with a serious driving offense, contact the traffic attorneys at Rizzo & Diersen before your traffic court date for a confidential consultation.

Defending Out-of-State Drivers Charged in Wisconsin

Our firm has helped many out-of-state drivers fight a drunk driving charge, speeding ticket or other traffic violations. Let us put our experience to work for you. To speak with a Wisconsin Traffic lawyer, call Rizzo & Diersen today or contact us by e-mail.