power lines, vegetation, Fellow Mortals, Walworth County, American Transmission Company

Fellow Mortals is currently one of the largest wildlife hospitals in the state and nation. It is located in the Town of Geneva, Wisconsin, in a rural area north of Lake Como.

In February 2016, the founders of Fellow Mortals were told by workers of American Transmission Company (ATC) that they would be clear-cutting the vegetation contained in an easement for overhead power lines. Fellow Mortals objected to the clear-cutting because the vegetation in question provides noise and visual buffer between the adjacent highway and the wildlife hospital. The screening provided by the vegetation is a necessary component to Fellow Mortals operation of the hospital.

After unsuccessfully attempting to negotiate a solution with ATC, Fellow Mortals has had to resort to the Walworth County Circuit Court to protect the operation of its wildlife hospital.

The lawyers at Rizzo & Diersen, S.C., are with Fellow Mortals in fighting this battle. The matter is scheduled to be heard in Court on July 29, 2016.