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bankrupt, bankruptcy, chapter 7, chapter 11, chapter 13, kenosha, racine, westosha, milwaukee, wisconsinBankruptcy laws are designed to help you. Don’t delay in deciding whether or not to declare bankruptcy. If you or your business face an adverse financial situation, call the bankruptcy lawyers at Rizzo & Diersen today for a confidential consultation. Find out if bankruptcy protection is right for you.

Important Advice: It is very important that you talk with a bankruptcy attorney before you sell or transfer any property, take out a home equity loan, or cash out your 401(k) plan or IRA.

Personal Bankruptcy / Consumer Bankruptcy

Claiming bankruptcy can be the second chance you deserve. New bankruptcy laws are designed to protect your rights and assets in cases of insolvency. When filing personal bankruptcy — whether Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 — your team at Rizzo & Diersen will be with you at every step. You will not be alone when you file bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy attorneys will prepare all necessary documents for each bankruptcy proceeding. They will attend all meetings and hearings throughout the case. In addition, our attorneys and other professionals will communicate with every creditor who has questions about the bankruptcy proceeding all the way through to bankruptcy discharge. Please email us with any questions.

Reinstate or Prevent Foreclosure on Your Mortgage

Home foreclosures remain at high levels. Many hardworking families are trying to save their homes. The attorneys at Rizzo & Diersen can assist with Consumer Bankruptcy Protection and aggressive foreclosure prevention. We can even help reinstate your mortgage if home foreclosure is initiated. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, contact us today.

  • Foreclosure Attorney Kenosha & Racine: 262-652-5050
  • Foreclosure Attorney Burlington: 262-763-0883
  • Foreclosure Attorney Lake Geneva: 262-249-8888

Business Bankruptcy / Corporate Bankruptcy

In these difficult economic times, more businesses are experiencing financial problems. The business bankruptcy attorneys at Rizzo & Diersen can help you in sorting through the legal issues concerning business debt. Our attorneys also provide specialized assistance negotiating and implementing payment arrangements with lenders and trade creditors. If your business is experiencing financial distress, our bankruptcy attorneys can assist with:

  • Chapter 11 Reorganization
  • Wisconsin Receiverships under Chapter 128 of the Wisconsin Statutes
  • Dissolution of Corporations under Chapter 180 of the Wisconsin Statutes
  • Dissolution of limited liability companies and more

When to File for Bankruptcy

When declaring bankruptcy, timing is critical. A frank and honest discussion with one of our professional bankruptcy lawyers will help determine when and how to handle your unique situation. We are not here to judge, but to help. Our bankruptcy clients are typically hardworking individuals who deserve a fresh start.

Contact us to set up an appointment at any of our four convenient locations.

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The bankruptcy attorneys at Rizzo & Diersen have many years of experience helping Wisconsin residents make sense of bankruptcy law and their rights. We can help you or your business:

  • File a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case
  • File a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case
  • File a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case
  • Dissolution of Corporations or LLCs
  • Protect your assets
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • File a proof of claim
  • File motions to lift stay
  • File and defend adversary proceedings
  • Reinstate or prevent foreclosure on your mortgage
  • Regain possession of a repossessed vehicle
  • Resolve credit, credit report and debt collection disputes
  • Draft and review credit documents

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