Real Estate Law

Representing All Legal Aspects Of Real Estate

real estate, wisconsin, contract, lawyer, attorney, lawRizzo & Diersen, S.C. represents clients in negotiating, documenting, securing financing and closing real property transactions ranging from large commercial property to individual residential units and vacant land. The firm also deals with all the legal aspects of development, land use, construction and environmental issues affecting real estate.

Our real estate attorneys maintain a broad legal basis in transactional matters. Every year, we handle many commercial and residential real estate closings for a number of area lenders and individuals. We provide accurate legal opinions on title matters, draft and negotiate construction and commercial property contracts, and advise real estate brokers on legal issues arising in real estate transactions. Unlike many real estate law firms, we can and will meet both your real estate transactional and litigation needs. We zealously advocate our clients’ interests to ensure their expectations are managed and met. Please call any of our three convenient locations.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

real estate, residential, kenosha, racine, milwaukee, westosha, wisconsinOur real estate experience makes us ideally suited to represent individual buyers and sellers. In a time when more and more private individuals are conducting real estate sales without the help of a licensed broker, quality legal guidance is especially important. Our firm ensures that your real estate documents follow all legal principles regarding the sale, and the transaction is closed with your best interest in mind. As part of our services, we will assist from the time negotiations commence to closing and past closing concerns. Contact us to set up an appointment at any of our three convenient locations.

Commercial Real Estate Transactionsreal estate, commercial, racine, kenosha, westosha, Wisconsin, milwaukee

We are a comprehensive real estate law firm, handling all transactional matters surrounding commercial real estate deals, while aggressively litigating any disputes that arise. Our experienced attorneys will fully treat your real estate issue with the priority it deserves. Rizzo & Diersen also drafts, negotiates and litigates commercial lease matters from the landlord and tenant side. Please call any of our three convenient locations.

Real Estate Litigation

Rizzo Law Office in Kenosha WI, kenosha lawyer, attorney kenoshaWhen real estate deals go wrong or some aspects of the transaction are in dispute, Rizzo & Diersen will help. Unlike many real estate firms, our transactional practice is paired with a highly successful litigation practice. We will aggressively represent your interest in any dispute. Whether it is the terms of a purchase agreement or a breach of duty by a broker, our attorneys possess the experience and skill to advocate your position and achieve the best possible outcome. In addition to the buying and selling of real estate, our firm litigates all types of real estate disputes. We represent the interest of both buyers and sellers, as well as brokers and lenders, should a dispute arise. Contact us when you have real estate concerns and need to protect your legal interests.

Real estate transactions can be stressful. Let the Real Estate Lawyers at Rizzo & Diersen provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowledgeable negotiations and properly executed agreements. We handle an array of Real Estate matters, including:

  • Negotiation and preparation of contracts
  • Negotiation of mortgage documents
  • Processing of mortgage documents
  • Title actions
  • Residential closings
  • Residential lease agreements
  • Lease purchase agreements
  • Commercial closings
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Construction and lien claims
  • Rental lease agreements
  • Property liens
  • Mortgage foreclosures