Country Thunder Traffic/Drug/Criminal Charges

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Violations Near Country Thunder

Wisconsin law enforcement is actively involved in preventing the possession and delivery of marijuana and other drugs, underage drinking, and traffic offenses that occur at or near the County Thunder music festival. Unfortunately, many people who attend Country Thunder are cited and arrested for relatively minor offenses and face the possibility of a criminal record. The police may tell you it is only a ticket, but the consequences can be very serious. Rizzo & Diersen, S.C. has experience defending against exactly these kinds of charges.

Our Attorneys Make Court Appearances For You

Country Thunder is hosted annually in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. In 2019, Country Thunder runs from August 16-18. If you were arrested or cited while at or near Country Thunder, contact Rizzo & Diersen, S.C. We handle every type of charge, including misdemeanor offenses, felony offenses, and traffic violationsIn many cases, our attorneys can even make the court appearances for you so that you do not have to travel.

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